Student Activities

We have designed a number of activities for Students and Young Engineers at FISITA 2018 before and during the Congress which include a Call‐for‐Papers for the FISITA Student Congress, the FISITA Travelling Fellowship programme, Automotive Educators Technical Session and the opportunity for universities and educational institutions to showcase their exciting, ground‐breaking and unique automotive‐related engineering projects with the Islands of Excellence.

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Student Congress

Student Congress will provide the perfect opportunity for students and young engineers to learn, exchange knowledge and network with their peers as well as senior engineers and leaders from industry.

This is comprised of sessions running in parallel with the Main Congress, with presentations and posters. It provides students an opportunity to share knowledge, work with their peers and listen to key speakers from the automotive industry. Target Group: Full‐time engineering students (both undergraduates and post graduates).

Important Dates:

Deadline for Extended Abstract Submission

15th January 2018

Abstract Selection Notification

31st January 2018

Deadline to upload Draft Manuscript

30th March 2018

Draft Acceptance Notification

30th May 2018

Deadline to upload Final Paper

30th July 2018

Topics for Student Congress:

1. Powertrain & Emission

  • Engine Technologies

  • Fuel Economy

  • Emission Control and After Treatment

  • Combustion, Optimisation and Heat Recovery

  • Simulation - Virtual Design and Testing

  • Thermal Management

  • Automatic Transmission

  • Advanced Transmission Concepts

  • Transmission / Actuation Control System

2. Fuels & Lubricants

  • Engine Lubricant & Compatibility with

  • After-treatment Devices

  • Driveline Lubricants

  • Fuel Economy by Automotive Lubricants

  • Alternative Fuels and Propulsion Technology

  • Hydrogen as a Fuel

  • Third Generation Bio-Fuels

  • Additives in Fuels & Lubrication

3. Noise & Vibration

  • Powertrain NVH

  • Intake & Exhaust Noise

  • Tyre Noise

  • Incab & Passby Noise

  • Measurement Techniques

  • NVH Simulation and Analysis

4. Vehicle Dynamics

  • Ride & Handling

  • Vehicle Human Interface

  • Suspension, Steering & Brakes

  • Advanced Driver Assistant Systems

  • Control Systems

5. Active and Passive Safety

  • Structural Crashworthiness

  • Biomechanics

  • Alert Systems

  • Occupant Safety

  • Pedestrian Safety

  • Safety Furniture

  • Test Methods

  • Accident Reconstruction

6. Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

  • Battery Technology & Management System

  • Range Extenders

  • Smart Grid / EV Infrastructure

  • Power Electronics & Electric Motor Drives

  • Fuel Cells

  • Hybrid Vehicles

  • On-Board Diagnostics

7. Autonomous & Connected Vehicles

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Autonomous Driving / Driverless Cars

  • Voice and Motion Recognition

  • V2V / V2I

  • Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring

  • Telematics

8. Manufacturing & Materials

  • Manufacturing Technologies

  • Advanced Materials

  • Application of Non–metals

  • Surface Engineering and Coating Technology

  • Prototype Building

  • Lightweight Materials

  • Industrial Engineering

9. Vehicle Concepts

  • Advanced Mobility Solutions

  • Off Highway Engineering

  • Combat Vehicles

  • Two and Three Wheelers

  • Human Behavior in Transportation

  • Traffic Management / Mass Transportation

  • Automotive Infotronics

10. Sustainability

  • Standards and Regulations

  • Frugal Engineering / Design for Environment

  • Advanced Simulation – Virtual Design and Testing

  • Testing and Measurement

  • Inspection and Maintenance

  • Globalization and Homologation

  • End of Life Management / Recycling

Travelling Fellowship Programme

This programme comprises of technical tours to various automotive industry and cultural sites in Chennai and surrounding region followed by participation in the Student / Main Congress. Travelling Fellows will take part in an activity‐packed programme starting a week before actual congress. Target Group: Young automotive students and engineers under the age of 35.

To download Travelling Fellowship Application, click here

Important Dates:

Call for Application : 1st February 2018

Deadline for Application : 1st May 2018

Islands of Excellence

This competition provides an opportunity for universities and research institutes world‐ wide to showcase their new and innovative projects as a part of the exhibition of the FISITA 2018 Congress. FISITA and FISITA 2018 partner SAEINDIA are offering 50m2 exhibition space and basic exhibition equipment.

Important Dates:

Deadline for Application Submission : 31st January 2018

This is an excellent opportunity for universities to display their automotive‐related engineering projects and capabilities as well as foster new and existing international relationships with industry and academia. For student teams it is the perfect place to display their Research/Project work, share knowledge and start networking and building contacts for a future career in the automotive industry. Target Group: Universities, educational institutions that are interested in showcasing creative, unique and forward‐thinking research projects to address the future needs of the automotive industry.

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Abstract acceptance notification to authors
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30 July 2018
Deadline to upload Final Papers
2–5 October 2018
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

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